CEMS without the Shelter

Don’t have the space for an entire shelter at your facility? No problem. We design and build custom cabinets, racks, bus stops, and other structures to accommodate smaller spaces and they are designed to fit within the existing layout of your facility. These structures are built with the same high quality of construction and are subjected to the same stringent quality assurance checks as our shelters.

Each design is capable of housing cylinders up to 12 inches in diameter and has safety chains/straps to securely hold each cylinder in place. Each cylinder position has a designated pressure regulator, hose, and CGA fitting with a built-in check valve for the cylinder. All of the regulators are mounted to the shelter as well, no need to juggle them around when switching a cylinder. 


CiSCO can put a CEMS into a fully enclosed NEMA 3R (or 4X stainless steel) cabinet with single or dual access (front only or front and rear). We typically use 6-foot-wide two-bay cabinets that are 6 feet tall with the analyzers in one bay and the sample handling equipment in the second. The cabinet can also have fans for air movement if it is in a climate-controlled environment or an HVAC for climate control if it is located outside or inside a non-climate-controlled building. The electrical equipment can either be in the front for a single access or in the rear for a dual access cabinet. Windows, with UV protection if outdoors, can be added to the front to see analyzer readings and pressure and flow settings without opening the cabinet.  It is nothing less than a full CiSCO CEMS with a smaller footprint.

Free-Standing Racks

If you have an existing shelter or other suitable location for a CEMS it can also be supplied in a NEMA 12 open rack. Our open design racks allow easy access to the front for reading pressures, flows, and analyzer values, and to the rear of the rack for maintenance and troubleshooting. Everything can be installed in a 19-inch multi-bay rack for convenience and size; the number of bays varies by the monitoring requirements of your CEMS.

If space is an issue, we can provide the combination of a 19-inch rack with one or more wall mounted panels to house the sample handling and electrical systems. This puts the analyzers and some plumbing into a single rack and everything else up against a wall of an existing building minimizing the space needed for a full CEMS. 

Other Options

What if a cabinet or rack isn’t quite what you are looking for? We can discuss other options as well, CiSCO has done various designs through the years, including large shelters for more than just a CEMS, bus stop designs with fiberglass walls and roof, to retrofitting existing shelters from other companies. Contact us if you have a unique situation you would like to discuss, CiSCO can provide a solution for all your emission monitoring needs.

Bus Stop with Fiberglass Walls and Roof
Bus Stop with Fiberglass Walls and Roof