CiSCO CEMS Online Training Center

CiSCO understands that thorough training is key for optimal employee performance. The CiSCO CEMS Online Training Center is a web-based service that can be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world and allows users to conveniently learn at their own pace.

The CiSCO CEMS Online Training Center is extremely customizable. Specific courses can be created for operators, technicians, environmental, management, or other groups to meet the training needs of your facility. The Online Training Center can be used as an open access training resource or can be structured as formal required training. Learners can self-test or complete a compulsory quiz to receive a certificate of completion.

The Training Center contains more than 60 online training videos that cover regulatory requirements, database structure, and functionality of the CeDAR and breez75x software programs. The video format allows learners to pause, rewind, or replay. The training videos can be played from a tablet, laptop, or computer with internet access allowing you to view the videos directly in front of the DAHS computer or other items you are learning.

Additionally, there are cheat sheets, check lists, step-by-step guides, procedures, and a comprehensive CEMS glossary. We are continually adding to this library to include the CEMS hardware and other technical related training videos and tools.

The behind the scenes learning management system allows management to track progress and usage. This can be helpful in determining who is using the Training Center, how often, how much they have learned, and how beneficial it is to the organization.

Subscriptions can be purchased for one month, three-month, six-month, annual, or other customized time frames. These subscriptions can be based on individual users, a partial or complete facility, or purchased for an entire fleet.

Contact CiSCO for more information on pricing and access to the Online Training Center.