Urgent Issue Alerts

Thursday, June 22, 2023

EPA is Reengineering the ECMPS Software

EPA is reengineering the ECMPS software. A portion of the reengineering efforts is to change the format of the data reported from XML to JSON. That format change will require a new version of breez75x to be able to report quarterly EDR’s. EPA is currently scheduled to release the ECMPS2.0 software for the 2024 Q1 data reporting period in April 2024. Because the current version of breez75x will need to be used to report the 2023 Q4 data in January, the new version of breez75x will be available in February 2024. The JSON format requires SQL Server 2016 (or higher), so a new SQL license may also be required as a part of this upgrade. Without the new version of breez75x- you won’t be able to submit your quarterly EDR’s once the reengineering efforts are complete.

More information on the ECMPS reengineering effort can be found here. Contact CiSCO for breez75x pricing and questions about upgrades here.

Monday, February 28, 2022

Calibration Drift Tests

In accordance with 40 CFR 60 Appendix F, Procedure 1, Section 4.3.1, a calibration drift (CD) failure in excess of four times the performance specification invalidates data backwards to the most recently passed CD. Any QA tests that were performed during the invalidated period are also invalidated. CiSCO encourages facilities to perform an additional CD immediately following CGA and RATA tests. In the unlikely event that the additional CD fails in excess of four times the performance specification, the facility will have the opportunity to immediately correct the CD failure and perform the invalidated test(s) again. This is preferable to discovering at a later date that a subsequent CD failure invalidated the QA tests.