CiSCO Software Training

CiSCO offers software training on both CeDAR and breez75x software on your site or ours. On-site training is targeted to your facility and allows you to select topics to meet the needs of your staff and facility reporting requirements.

Training at CiSCO is offered quarterly.

See the software training schedule at CiSCO.

Software Training

CeDAR Training

CeDAR Software Training is a one to two-day comprehensive class on how to use the CeDAR software system, including:

  • An overview CEMS and regulatory requirements
  • A discussion of how the PLC interacts with the CEMS computer
  • The structure of data values in the CeDAR database
  • How values are checked, averaged, and calculated in CeDAR
  • View emission data in the CeDAR Data Monitor;
  • View, interpret, and acknowledge real-time alarms
  • Edit data using the CeDAR Data Editor
  • Detailed regulatory requirements for daily calibration checks, CGA’s (Calibration Gas Audit), and linearity checks
  • Editing and printing daily calibration check and CGA/Linearity reports
  • Add or edit reason and action codes for excess emissions and CEMS downtimes
  • Create custom reports for your site to meet your individual and state reporting requirements using the CeDAR Report Wizard

The course will also cover trending (real-time and historical), changing settings, running audit reports, backing up data, and security features of the software.  CeDAR training can be stand alone or combined with breez75x training.

breez75x Training

breez75x EDR (Electronic Data Report) Training is a 1 to 1 ½ day course that includes a description of the procedures needed to create quarterly emission and QA XML files using breez75x. You will also receive instruction entering QA data manually into the EPA’s ECMPS Client Tool software, using ECMPS to check your emission and QA files, and troubleshooting techniques to resolve errors. Other benefits include the following:

  • A review of fundamental 40 CFR 75 regulations
  • Instruction on analyzing the CEMS data and resolving data conflicts
  • Detailed regulatory requirements for all 40 CFR 75 QA tests
  • How to edit and resolve issues with 40 CFR 75 daily calibration and linearity checks using breez75x
  • A comprehensive discussion of the Monitoring Plan
  • Instruction on analyzing ECMPS Client Tool feedback and resolving reporting errors
  • A detailed discussion on QA certification and recertification events including replacing or repairing your analyzers or heated sample lines, temporary use of a like kind analyzer, or replacing or relocating your probe
  • How and when to perform annual evaluations required by Part 75

breez75x training can be stand alone or combined with CeDAR training.

Training Schedule

Scheduled CeDAR and breez75x Training at CiSCO:

Tuesday, March 26 to Friday, March 29, 2024

Tuesday, June 25 to Friday, June 28, 2024

Software training at CiSCO includes Individual computer workstations and complete training materials you can take with you for future reference. Lunch and other snacks will be provided by CiSCO for all training days. Attendees are responsible for transportation, hotel, and all other expenses. Accommodations are available close to our offices – See a list of hotels in the area.

Class size is limited. Please contact for availability or to enroll in a class.

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