CiSCO Analyzer Services

Your analyzers play a central role in the success of your CEMS – optimizing the quality and enabling consistent, reliable emission data.  To assist you in operating within applicable guidelines, CiSCO offers analyzer factory level service and replacement parts, tools, repair, consulting, and training for all your CEMS analyzers needs.

Our analyzer maintenance team has over thirty years of analyzer repair experience servicing brands such as Siemens, Rosemount, Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Thermo Scientific, Brand-Gauss, and supported subsystem assemblies.

Our spacious analyzer shop contains multiple benches to house several analyzers simultaneously for testing or repair.  Before new analyzers are placed in a CEMS shelter, they are taken from the box and placed on the bench for several days of testing.  The analyzer ranges and spans are set to your site specification.  Then the analyzers are calibrated at both zero and span.  To complete testing, our expert analyzer team performs Cylinder Gas Audits (CGA’s), linearity checks, and other tests applicable to your regulatory requirements. Once analyzers have spent several days on the bench, they are installed in the CEMS shelter and tested again.

Repairs or adjustments on existing site analyzers can often be made in collaboration between site personnel and CiSCO’s analyzer repair specialist with just a phone call. More complicated problems can be corrected by sending the analyzer to our Colorado office where we will get it repaired or adjusted, usually in less than seventy-two hours.

We provide a thorough examination and problem review and provide a detailed quote, when possible, before repairs, adjustments, or replacements are made. Our goal is to optimize your analyzer components to the manufacturer level as quickly and efficiently as possible.   Our analyzer specialists promptly respond to your service requests for a customized service effort or with complete, recommended periodic maintenance to prolong the value of your analyzer investment.

Need to send an analyzer to CiSCO for repair?  Here are the instructions to generate a Return Materials Authorization (RMA).

In addition to testing and repair, we also have analyzer training for Teledyne and Thermo Scientific for NOx, O2, and CO analyzers.  This training can be done in our analyzer shop at CiSCO or at your facility.  We have spare training analyzer that can be shipped to your site if needed.  Topics covered in the training include:

  • Theory of operation – how detection method works
  • Familiarization with onscreen diagnostics
  • Review of normal maintenance items
  • Hands on troubleshooting

Click here for more information on analyzer training.