Software Support Services

CiSCO has a full software support staff and offers five types of software support and services contracts: Annual Software Support, EDR (Electronic Data Reporting) Assistance, an EDR Services contract, Data Consolidation Services, and other software services.

Annual Software Support Contract

Annual software support contracts are targeted facilities that are new to CeDAR, sites that do not report under 40CFR75, or sites that don’t have resources, knowledge of, or a comfort level with editing and maintaining data in the CeDAR database. The annual software support contract includes:

  • Telephone and/or remote (VPN or other) assistance to support your CiSCO CEMS software
  • Data Acquisition Handling Systems (DAHS) technical questions
  • Software upgrades made to enhance CeDAR functionality and performance
  • CeDAR software updates such as limit changes, report modifications and additions
  • Telephone or on-line support with installation of any CeDAR upgrades or updates
  • Telephone or on-line support with CeDAR Software issues or questions
  • Minor feature additions or changes to reporting parameters
  • Any necessary breez75x updates at no charge

Annual software support contracts do not include CiSCO personnel creating 40CFR60 reports. Part 60 reporting is available at an additional charge and is priced on a site-by-site basis depending on the complexity of Part 60 reporting.

EDR Assistance Contract

EDR assistance is good for plants or plant personnel that are new to 40CFR75 reporting, have a medium level of knowledge and experience with Part 75 reporting, need help with special scenarios that don’t occur often, or just want some extra insurance. This contract is available on an annual or quarter-by-quarter basis and includes the following:

  • limited on-line and/or phone support answering EDR related questions
  • assistance to plant personnel in the creation of the quarterly EDR
  • any necessary CeDAR or breez75x updates at no charge

The plant is responsible for actual EDR generation payment whether assistance service is used or not during a quarter.

EDR Services Contract

EDR services provided remotely on a quarterly basis allows you to put the responsibility for 40CFR75 reporting compliance in the hands of experts. The EDR Services Contract is suited for plants that do not have time, resources, or knowledge of Part 75 reporting. This contract is also good for special scenarios like permanent analyzer replacements at a facility, temporary Like-Kind analyzer usage during a given quarter, and other out of the ordinary events. This contract is available on an annual or quarter-by-quarter basis and includes the following:

  • Retrieval of quarterly data from Customer’s site(s) or done online on the site DAHS
  • Processing the emissions data in CiSCO’s 40CFR75 application: breeze75x to resolve any conflicts in the quarterly data
  • Creation of the quarterly emission XML file
  • A check of the status for all QA tests: including daily calibration checks, quarterly linearity checks, and annual RATA or fuel flowmeter calibrations
  • Creation of XML files for all necessary QA tests either in breez75x or the ECMPS Client Tool
  • A review of the emissions and QA XML files in the ECMPS Client Tool for accuracy
  • QA and emission XML files are returned to the customer without Serious Errors for formal submittal(s)

Additionally, this contract includes any necessary CeDAR or breez75x updates at no charge and assistance with, or completion of any required monitoring plan changes.  Finally, under this contract, CiSCO will perform the annual span/range and megawatt load evaluations.

Data Consolidation Service

Data consolidate is when all the CEMS data is combined from multiple DAHS computers to the DCS in order to generate reports covering the entire plant or an entire fleet.

CiSCO will add signals to the MODBUS connection at each CEMS’ DAHS computer on your site and transfer all data to the DCS from your DAHS computers using CeDAR Software. We define all signals required to be added to the MODBUS connection for each CEMS. And we travel to your site to make any necessary PLC modifications for all CEMS and complete the consolidation service.

Data Consolidation enables plant wide monitoring and reporting and puts the control in a central location on your site. Our customers report value added in streamlining the data collection and reporting process, leveraging the resources you already have and enabling a comprehensive response to regular environmental agency audit requirements.

Other Software Services

  • A replacement or upgrade of any portion of your CEMS data management system hardware including servers, monitors, OIT panels, or additional terminals.
  • Software upgrades, configuration, programming services when regulations or reporting formats change or a site has had a change in their operating permit
  • Software Training