CiSCO CEMS Software

CiSCO is proud to produce two of the most well respected CEMS software products in the industry: CeDAR and breez75x. CeDAR is a CEMS Data Acquisition and Reporting software package that collects data from a variety of PLC’s and other devices. breez75x, our 40CFR75 reporting software, is designed to handle the complexities of ECMPS reporting.

CeDAR and breez75x were designed and created by CiSCO, not third-party suppliers.  Developed with customer-oriented focus we strive to offer solutions for the present that are flexible enough to incorporate changes and easily adapt to future needs.

In addition to CeDAR and breez75x, we offer fully compatible add-on modules such as RealView, the San Joaquin Valley Data Logger application, RECLAIM, PADEP, NJ-EER and others. These modules are simple to install and easy to access.

We also have a full software support staff to answer your software questions and a team of expert PLC programmers.

Our software complies with all federal, state and local (40CFR51, 40CFR60, 40CFR75, 40CFR98, 40CFR266 and 40CFR503) data acquisition and reporting requirements. CeDAR can interface with popular PLCs, as well as OSI’s, PI Historian, Modbus, and other data sources.

PLC Integration

PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) are an integral part of a Data Acquisition Handling System, used to control CEMS hardware and provide data to a DAS computer.  Our CeDAR Software interfaces with popular PLCs including the General Electric RX3i, 9030, Allen-Bradley CompactLogix and ControlLogix. We have a qualified team of PLC programmers to develop your PLC program and update it as needed when your operating permit or other regulatory requirements change.

DAHS-PLC Integration and Verification Testing

For any project that involves a new Data Acquisition Handling System (DAHS), an upgrade or replacement of DAHS software equipment, testing is completed to ensure proper functionality and integration of the PLC, DAS, and HMI hardware and software to prepare the DAHS for installation and use at the field site.  This includes validation of the CeDAR software, verification of the PLC and HMI functionality, and verification of the input and output signals from the PLC to the plant source.