CEMS Shelters

CiSCO is the only CEMS manufacturer that does it all; from building custom shelters, probes, and CEMS, to creating software packages to meet all your reporting needs. Our CEMS design starts with our shelters, which are completely designed and manufactured by CiSCO.  Our designs range from 8’ x 8’ to 10’ x 24’, with different heights and larger widths also available.

Shelters must deliver the proper climate and process controls to allow the systems housed within to conduct accurate sample handling, conditioning, and analysis functions necessitated by strict emissions regulations. Safety features include panic exit hardware on the doors, non-conductive, slip-resistant flooring, and smoke detectors.

Our shelters are designed around the functionality of the CEMS and every shelter is customized for a specific application. The exterior of each shelter is designed to accommodate calibration cylinder racks, a bulkhead to facilitate entry of the heated sample line and other connections into the shelter, wall-mounted HVAC unit(s), and junction boxes for communication wiring terminations. Shelter power is fed through a disconnect switch and then a transformer that can be pad-mounted, wall-mounted inside, or wall-mounted on the outside of the shelter.

Interior features include an instrument rack that houses analyzers and system instruments, a desk or workbench, an operator interface terminal, and power panel. Additional space can be added to accommodate non-CEMS equipment or for potential future expansion.

Our shelters are made equipped to work with any of these highly controlled processes:

  • Simple Cycle Turbines
  • Combined Cycle Turbines
  • Coal Fired Boilers
  • Bio-mass Fluidized Bed Boilers
  • Waste Incinerators
  • Process Measurements

Built of rugged, durable materials to meet size and application needs, CiSCO shelters provide a stable, clean, environmentally controlled atmosphere for the operation and maintenance of the analysis system. CEMS housed in the proper setting are typically more predictable and trouble-free.  A convenient, temperature-stable, and pleasant working environment makes it easier for technicians to do their job. And, when CEMS get the care they need, maintenance costs are lower, and uptime is higher.

Custom Shelters

With all our shelters being designed and built in-house, we have the ability to customize the size and layout for your specific site requirements.  A single system can be housed in a purpose-built shelter, or multiple systems can put into a single larger shelter.  Perhaps you need a place to put a control cabinet or two; they can be placed next to the CEMS equipment rack in a larger shelter.  If you would prefer them to be separated, we can construct a shelter with two different rooms and climate control systems.  CiSCO has built shelters as small as 6’ x 7’ to house simple CEM systems, to a behemoth 12’ x 26’ shelter to house control system cabinets, to a 11’-6” x 24’ shelter with two separate rooms and an enclosed cylinder storage area with a roll-up garage door.

Hazardous Location Shelters

Sometimes a regular CEMS building isn’t enough.  Occasionally a CEMS is needed in an area where a normal shelter can’t go, a Hazardous Location.  CiSCO has built and delivered many CEMS shelters for installation in Class I Division 2 locations covering Groups B, C, & D.

A Class I Division 2 location is an area where ignitable concentrations of flammable gasses, vapors, or liquids may be present.  This would be an area in a facility that under normal circumstances and operations would be non-hazardous, but due to the proximity of flammable gasses, vapors, or liquids has the potential to be in a hazardous environment should a leak or other abnormal conditions occur.

The Groups associated with the area define what type of material would be present during the abnormal condition and are broken down by letters.  Group D is the least hazardous of the four encompassing flammable substances such as Propane.  Group C encompasses substances such as Ethylene, Group B substances such as Hydrogen and Group A is Acetylene.  In an area such as this the right hardware needs to be used to prevent something like a leak from becoming a much larger issue.

CiSCO has supplied Class I Division 2 shelters for several customers through the years.  Using a Heating, Pressurization, and Air Conditioning (HPAC) unit, we start by pressurizing our shelter to create a general-purpose interior.  This allows us to use any hardware our customers prefer inside so they can standardize across an entire facility or stay with a preferred manufacturer.

On the outside of the shelter, we use equipment listed for the specific installation and encapsulated transformers to ensure a safe work environment.  We can even purge our signal junction boxes and probe enclosures if the need arises.  Just because your facility is a refinery, chemical plant, or other potentially hazardous location doesn’t mean you can’t have a CiSCO CEMS to monitor your emissions.