Cylinder Storage

All CEM systems require compressed gas cylinder bottles for the daily calibration checks of the instruments and other quality assurance tests, such as the 40CFR60 Cylinder Gas Audit (CGA) and the 40CFR75 linearity checks. CiSCO builds and designs CEMS shelters with two different types of cylinder rack storage options: our standard hooded exterior cylinder storage and an enclosed garage door style.   Both styles are designed so that cylinder gas bottles are easily accessible, protected from the elements, and the QA test procedure is as automated as possible.

Each design is capable of housing cylinders up to 12 inches in diameter and has safety chains/straps to securely hold each cylinder in place.  Each cylinder position has a designated pressure regulator, hose, and CGA fitting with a built-in check valve for the cylinder.  All of the regulators are mounted to the shelter as well, no need to juggle them around when switching a cylinder.

Garage Door Storage
Enclosed Garage Door Cylinder Storage

Standard Cylinder Storage

Our steel sided shelters can be equipped with easily accessible cylinder storage areas on the exterior walls of the shelters. These hood-covered cylinder racks are made of 1.5”x1.5” square steel tubing and are securely mounted to one or more of the external building walls. The hood protects the regulators and the tops of the bottles from the sun, wind, rain, and other environmental factors.  The racks can either be built large enough to accommodate all the necessary cylinders for daily calibrations and quarterly QA checks or two racks can be used to house all of the cylinders, even if they are on different sides of the shelter.