CEMS Certification

Once the system has been started up, all equipment and components installed on the shelter are checked for functionality, and the process/plant is functioning, it is time to begin the certification process. Each CEMS must be certified according to the appropriate permit and regulatory requirements. Our Field Service team will assist with all certification testing in accordance with regulations like 40 CFR Parts 60, 75, and 98. This may include performing or assisting with quality assurance tests like a 40 CFR 60 Cylinder Gas Audit (CGA), a 40 CFR 75 linearity check, a 7-Day Calibration Error Drift Test, a 40 CFR 60 Response Time Test, a 40 CFR 75 cycle time test, and a Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA).

Our field service technicians arrive on-site and verify the system performance by performing an initial daily calibration check, interact with the RATA test team to resolve issues, check the analyzer responses, and verify the data collected by the DAHS computer. Our environmental team can help make sure that you are performing the appropriates QA tests within the required time frames. They can also prepare certification reports, review reports that have been written by 3rd parties, and assist with or enter data for electronic submittals in the ECMPS Client Tool and PADEP Greenport.

We have several levels of CEMS certification packages from certification assistance with various levels of assistance depending on the need of the plant to full CEMS certification.

Certification tasks included for all sites with CeDAR software:

  • Our environmental staff will perform a DAHS verification and create the necessary documentation for inclusion into the final Certification report.
  • They will also provide remote assistance with generating reports from CeDAR for RATA runs, CGAs/linearity checks, response time/cycle time tests, and 7-day calibration error drift tests.

Additional tasks for Certification Assistance:

  • On-site assistance with RATA testing.
  • Review raw RATA data on-site in real-time.
  • Provide instruction on running CGA’s/linearity checks and response time/cycle time tests.
  • On-site generation of CGA/linearity check, response time/cycle time test, and 7-day calibration error drift test reports from CeDAR to be included in the final Certification report.

Services provided with Full Certification:

  • Secure the services of a mutually acceptable 3rd party RATA test team.
  • Review the RATA protocol, written by the 3rd party RATA test team.
  • Create a Certification Protocol, including a description of all tests to be performed (CGA/linearity check, response time/cycle time test, 7-day calibration error drift, DAHS Verification).
  • Provide hardcopy and electronic copy of final Certification Protocol for submittal to applicable regulatory agencies.
  • Perform CGA/linearity check, response time/cycle time test, and 7-day calibration error drift test.
  • Review the RATA test report.
  • Create the Certification Report (which includes all the relevant test data and documentation).
  • Provide hardcopy and electronic copies of final Certification Report for submittal to applicable regulatory agencies.
  • Enter and submit certification data in the EPA ECMPS Client Tool.
  • Revise and resubmit 40CFR75 Monitoring Plan in the EPA ECMPS Client Tool based on certification results.
  • Track down all missing documents that not submitted with the Monitoring Plan (e.g. Fuel Meter certification), so that they can be submitted with the certification Report.

The following table provides an example of the different levels of service options. Contact CiSCO to determine which level of service is right for you or customize a certification package for your facility. 

Download the CiSCO CEMS Certification Service table (pdf).

In addition, once the CEMS had been certified, the field service team is willing and able to maintain the CEMS with quarterly, semi-annual, or annual maintenance contracts. CiSCO will also modify and maintain CEMS from other distributors.

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